Dr Mick Rowe

My first experience with Chiropractic care was after getting injured playing tennis as a teenager, experiencing some considerable discomfort in my mid back. Coincidently, my tennis coach also happened to be a Chiropractor.  I consulted him the following week, where he did some testing and gave me my first adjustment. Long story short; I was back on the tennis court, pain free later that week.

I continued to have regular care to avoid missing any more tennis, but also because having care made me feel generally healthier, happier and much less stressed. This experience sparked my interest into what contributes to human health and wellbeing.

Grove Chiropractic & Wellness was born out of a desire to provide the same safe and effective, drug-free healthcare, to the local Ocean Grove, Barwon Heads and Bellarine community.

I really love helping busy Mum’s with their self-care, so they can prioritize family time.

My other areas of interest include helping high school teenagers adapt to the stress of school life and helping athletes perform at their best.

Outside of the studio, I enjoy spending time with my partner Ash and daughter Remy, going to the beach, playing tennis, yoga and reading.