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Your Inherently Clever Body

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Do you believe your body is clever?

Take some time to mindfully consider your body for a moment

Your heart is beating. It will do so around 100,000 times today – creating enough energy to power a truck for 32 kilometres.

Your lungs will take around 23.000 breaths, some 11,000L of air

Your stomach will produce stomach acid (strong enough to dissolve metal!) to breakdown your food and use the energy to build new cells 

Your eyes distinguish more than 10 million different shades of colour

Your kidneys filter your blood up to 60 times a day. 

Your body sheds 600,000 skin particles an hour

Nearly 300 million cells die inside the body every minute, and your body replaces these cells just as quickly.

The DNA that you inherit from your parents, when uncoiled and laid flat, would extend from Earth to Pluto and back!

Your brain is constantly re-wiring itself in response to your environment – with some 100 trillion connections – there are more neural connections in our brain than there are stars in the Milky way galaxy.

The brain takes in 11 million pieces of information per second, and filters those to about 40 pieces of information per second, that you can consciously process. 

Our body’s are literally made of stardust! – when stars explode, they eject elements like iron and calcium into space – which eventually becomes the iron in our blood and the calcium in our bones.

Clever, hey…?

Take great care of your body’s in-built cleverness – Chiropractic care helps this cleverness too!

And remember this cleverness when your body is doing something that you might not be liking…that headache, that indigestion, that poor sleep, that inflammation, that anxiety. 

That back pain, that infertility, that lethargy, that high blood pressure, that high cholesterol. 

Our body’s do much more than we sometimes give them credit for. 

Credit where credit is due.

We can’t have our cake and eat it too…..we can’t have our body’s and hate them too. 

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