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The Spine-Brain Connection for Kids

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This month we added a new book to our practice lending library. 

‘The Whole Brain Child’, written by Daniel Siegel MD and Tina Payne Bryson PhD, is about cultivating healthy emotional and intellectual development in children so they can lead balanced, meaningful and connected lives. 

It offers new-and-improved approaches to parenting, based on the latest scientific understandings about brain development. 

So why is it in our practice lending library and why might it interest parents who have regular Chiropractic care?

Well contrary to what many people believe, Chiropractic care isn’t just about back pain, neck pain and headaches. Which is why people might be surprised to see children receiving care in our studio – as people typically don’t think of back pain and headaches as common childhood ailments. 

In fact, the goal behind Chiropractic care has little to do with changing an adult’s (or child’s) back pain, but is rather about changing someone’s brain function

When the spine doesn’t move correctly, in interrupts the brain’s ability to receive information from, and in turn send information to, the rest of the body. This then changes the way our body interacts with, and adapts to, the environment around us. 

Every Chiropractic adjustment literally changes the architecture and the electrical wiring in the brain. Chiropractor’s simply use the spine as a tool to change brain function, regardless of whether there is spinal pain or not. 

So, what does that mean when it comes to children and their healthy brain development?

Well, kids also have spines. And brains.

And if your kids are anything like mine, their days involve many trips, falls, bumps, trampoline flips and lots in general that might stress the way that their spines’ function – Which can then impact how their brains function. 

These spinal stressors can lead to change in their brain function, which might then impact their emotions, moods and behaviour. 

So, knowing that physical stressors like falls and sporting injuries might impact a child’s behaviour and development, it might be a good idea to get children checked following any injuries, falls, or physical stressors. 

Being armed with the knowledge of how a child behaves and what’s typical for their given age and brain development, and also knowing that Chiropractic care might support this development – parents can engage with their children in a way that supports their child’s development for more balanced and connected lives. 

If you’re a parent curious about how your child’s brain development impacts their behaviour, then I’d highly recommend this read. And if you feel like your child might have accumulated some physical stress in their body’s recently and might benefit from a checkup – please feel free to reach out or book here.


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