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How are your energy levels?

As we enter the cooler seasons, winter can be a time of hibernation and energy conservation – we may be more inclined to hit the snooze button, consume more comfort food, and move our bodies less.

Although there is definitely value in honouring the seasonal variations in our energy levels, we shouldn’t become complacent and find ourselves struggling to function coming out of the colder months.

I’d like to explore some simple methods for ensuring that you have enough energy to thrive now- and, regardless of your current age – into the coming decades ahead of you.

We have one body that lasts us a lifetime!

Our bodies are truly miraculous when we stop to appreciate how clever they are.

However, if we are tired, or we haven’t provided our body’s basic needs’, every aspect of our lives is affected. This is true at any age.

The desires and life goals we have become increasingly difficult when we’re lacking the energy for the most simple, basic tasks. Our mood declines, our resilience weakens, and our relationships become strained.

So, what does ‘having enough energy’, mean for you?

For me, it means being able to actively fulfil my work roles, to engage in movement and exercise that I enjoy, to be able to think clearly and to be able to enthusiastically play with my kids.

I invite you to take a minute to contemplate your reasons for wanting ‘energy for life’.

To have a body that functions well, it helps to manage your energy well.

You have many energy-demanding systems operating in your body that work in synchrony with each other. Consider the different kinds of energy we have and use: like physical, mental and emotional energy.

We know it takes energy to perform physically demanding tasks. Cognitive performance requires mental energy.

And we all know how interacting with certain people can give us energy, and certain others can drain our energy emotionally.

Here are some tips for naturally improving your energy levels:

1. Easy on the Digestion

Ever overeaten on Christmas Day? You might be familiar with the ‘food-coma’ feeling of having eaten so much that your body can’t move.

You might even fall asleep between lunch and dinner – just so that your body can process all the food you just ate.

Our body requires energy for digestion – and if we’ve eaten more than our body needs, it ‘steals’ resources from other body systems to process this extra food.

Be aware of how much you’re eating, and the timing of your meals. Your body has evolved to handle some time without eating to give your digestive system a rest. If you’ve had challenges with overeating – you might be a good candidate for our upcoming Juice cleanse!

2. Eat the Sun

Most of us could vouch for the feeling of having more energy after sitting outside in the warm sun for a while. Turns out that our Mitochondria (the little organelles responsible for energy production) absorb sunlight to help us generate energy. This process is aided even further by consuming green leafy vegetables, so don’t forget your greens!

3. Manage your stress levels

Being in a constant state of stress, taxes our energy reserves. Engage in activities that calm the stress response – yoga, meditation, naps, gentle movement, a social catch-up with some friends; all help restore energy balance.

4. Posture matters!

As Chiropractors, we focus on the body and how it can affect your energy levels.

The framework of your body is one commonly overlooked piece of the energy equation. Most people understand that quality food, sleep, exercise and hydration affect energy levels. But consider for a moment the framework of your body.

A slouched posture that hangs, or a head positioned forward of our shoulders costs the body a lot of extra energy to hold itself up against gravity.

This posture isn’t great cosmetically, but functionally too; poor posture costs us more than simply the way we look.

With healthy, long-term spinal hygiene we don’t need to age like this:

Which posture above do you think leaks energy and which one gives you energy?

If you’re feeling a little sluggish coming out of the winter months, implement some small, consistent changes over the coming months and notice what changes.

Cherish your energy,


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